DFY Simple Ads

Simply choose one of the 95 Mind-Blowing templates.

Within a few clicks, you can have Perfect Ads at your fingertips.

Customize to match your product or service. Crushing Ads was never this simple!

DFY Simple Ads

Boosting campaigns just got a lot easier with this app. There are many breath-taking graphics inside to create the perfect ad for anyone’s product or service. DFY Simple Ads makes creating gorgeous Ad graphics super easy.

We all know many businesses struggle with creating Ad graphics that grab attention on Social Media. DFY Simple Ads takes all the graphic skills needed out of the equation.

With Over 90+ Mind-Blowing Templates To Choose From

Step 1

Choose 150+ templates ready-made authentic and fancy enough to match your promotion needs.

Step 2

You can customize the template with add/edit text, edit image, and/or add logo onto your chosen template.

Step 3

Save As template to PNG. And you can see your own engaging, unique and original sales ads design.

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